IOM was established 2009 and specializes in smart metering which is its main and sole purpose of business. All resources and expertise are therefore focused on providing a one stop solution to local government and/or the entire public or private sector.


Innovative Online Metering was founded with the primary focus to:

  • Develop cutting-edge smart meters
  • Create a smart meter management system to manage all the meters from one central location.
After refinement and various testing phases, a fully operational system is available to support our state of the art QSEC smart meter range. Since the entire developed product is owned by Innovate Online Metering (smart meters and system), you will find that our company can bring new unprecedented monitoring and meter control features to the table.

IOM patented some unique innovative metering features and methods that will make us the only company which offers these features. In order to get different results for losses accounted by our clients, our company thinks "outside the box" by providing well-tested and proven solutions, not simply re-selling products and following the trend of our competitors.

The first metering system and meters were designed in 2009 by the founding members of our company and could primarily be installed indoors with control over electricity supply and various auxiliary devices like Geysers & Swimming pool pumps. While it succeeded completely in terms of functionality and savings to the consumers, it did not address all the existing issues that municipalities and property owners were facing. More research indicated that different problems needed to be solved as well and gave us direction to design our QSEC meter range that is widely used today.

Our products speaks for itself and makes us a leader in this field. We have only the very best solutions to offer making use of the latest technology available while our innovative team continues to push the boundaries to make all of our lives better.


The following are financial benefits that IOM can offer:

  • Extremely affordable meters
  • No need for any additional contractors
    • Meter readers
    • Disconnections / Reconnections
    • Demand metering (Service agreements)
  • Seamless conversion between metering modes
    (No need to replace any hardware)
    • Prepaid
    • Conventional
    • Time of Use
    • Demand
  • Prevention of electricity theft
  • Instant tamper and abuse detection
  • No additional IT support staff required


IOM meters can be installed for the following applications:

  • Local government
  • Municipalities
  • Private sector
    • Sub-metering for Bulk supply
    • New developments,
    • Body Corporates,
    • Apartments,
    • Townhouses,
    • Guesthouses,
    • Holiday Resorts,
    • Property Agencies,
    • Property Investors