How "smart" is your "smart" meter?

The term "Smart Metering" is slowly becoming the next buzz-word and is being used so easily alongside new products presented on the market today. The reality is that these products are not equal and a clear distinction needs to be made in order to identify "Real Smart Meters" from others.

Innovative Online Metering takes smart metering to the next level by providing cutting-edge meter designs with a comprehensive Online Management System that has been designed for small and large scale implementations. As our sole core of business, we are dedicated to develop smart metering solutions that make use of the latest technology in order to eradicate electricity theft, fraud and corruption. Our innovative ideas have made us a leader in this field where others will soon follow.


Our Primary objective is to address the loss of electricity, and the financial impact thereof, suffered by the Local Government and Property Owners, resulting from the tampering of conventional and prepaid meters. Our Smart Metering System makes use of newly developed technologies in order to prevent such losses and to ultimately give control back to our clients over conventional, prepaid and demand meters. The aforementioned can only be achieved through a completely transparent and auditable system which prevents current forms of fraud and corruption, and that already caters for possible new forms thereof.


Our IOM-QSEC meter range has been designed to replace existing electricity meter types on the market through multi-channel meter models that can be utilized for up to 4 homes on a single meter. Each meter channel measures electricity consumption completely independently while data is delivered to our Online Management System through a quad-band GPRS modem. As a result, it amounts to huge cost savings on implementation and installation.

Unlike other meter types on the market, IOM meters can also operate in different metering modes namely: Conventional, Advanced Online Prepaid and Demand/Time-Of-Use mode. Meter channels can be activated in any metering mode and can later be converted seamlessly to another with a click of a button without physical presence on site or further cost implications.

When it comes to meter tampering, IOM meters comes well equipped with instant tampering notifications on Connection or DIN rail tampering, software intrusion detection, as well as patented methods for detecting and confirming bridged or bypassed meters. IOM meters are also equipped with automatic reverse energy detection and correction.


Our Online Management System is hosted on a highly secure platform and provides complete control over all meters with 24/7 monitoring capabilities. The system also makes it possible to respond instantly on physical tampering events with precise meter GPS coordinates. The system then also provides control remotely over electricity activation and deactivation, load limiting as well as a complete set of configurable parameters.

Users can be administrated with total control over the features that the system provides and user activity is logged to keep operators accountable for any actions taken. Reports for auditing purposes are also instantly available to ensure that the system operates completely transparently to eliminate any fraudulent activities.


Consumers can also now stay completely informed of their meter readings, consumption and remaining credit through our user friendly website, mobile site, USSD menu on any mobile phone, and through SMS and Email notifications. Alternatively, consumers can make use of optional customer displays that could be connected to any existing power outlet indoors to display the same information.


Integration into existing financial systems can easily be achieved and various prepaid vending options are also available to be considered. Innovative Online Metering provides turnkey solutions with flexibility, scalability and most importantly, metering that makes sense!